Lifetime Acheivement Award

Prompt Day #270: Write a tribute to a real or legendary serial killer.

Yeah, I skipped #269. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m blocked on it and need more thinking time. So this one was more of a stream of consciousness, it went pretty quickly. I don’t know that anyone notices these things but I always imagine someone does and thinks I am trying to pull a fast one. (which is ridiculous probably and strangely egotistical) but I’m just being honest. Anyways, Here’s my take on a famous (not) serial killer


Lifetime Achievement Award


Hello and welcome to the Serial Killer Awards. Tonight, I have the honor of presenting this year’s lifetime achievement award to Charlie Manson. If you ask anyone to name the most famous serial killer in history, chances are they will answer “Charles Manson”. Now, you can argue that Charlie is not, by definition, a serial killer and you’d be right but Manson elevated that title to celebrity status and for that alone, he deserves this award.

When considering nominees for the lifetime achievement award, one should take the entire life of the man or women into account. Charlie was born evil. A true antichrist born not of a young virgin, his mother was a young runaway prostitute who left him in the care of whoever would take him. He began a life of crime at an early age. Spending most of his life behind bars, most men would find themselves unable to truly relate to the world outside the fenced in yard. Mr. Manson not only understood them, but drew them to him with a magnetic charisma never before seen.

True, Charlie Manson, as far as we know, never actually killed anyone but therein lies his brilliance. Can you imagine John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer waltzing into Sharon Tate’s house and decimating everyone there? Manson talked a bunch of drugged-up hippies to do the job…and they did it well. And before the bodies cooled or the blood dried, he managed to get a different group to do it again the next night. That, my friends is the magic, the unstoppable leadership of Charles Manson.

Charlie Manson was court TV before such a thing was even thought of. Every day was a drama, he and his family were overnight celebrities. The public scrambled for news of the goings on. Bands like The Beach Boys and The Beatles tried to distance their role in the crazy circus. The Manson Family, The Manson Killings, The Manson Trial. Do you see a theme? He killed NO ONE. Yet Manson is the name we know. Those crazy eyes, that wild hair, the swastika on his forehead. Sure, maybe you can name one or two of his followers, but can you tell me who killed Sharon Tate? Who killed Abagail Folger? What about Rosemary LaBianca? You don’t know, you say Manson, and are you wrong? That man wormed into the heads of nearly a hundred followers and not only did some kill for him, ALL of them kept it secret. Even Ted Bundy looks like a charismatic loser when it comes to Charlie.

Today, at the age of 82, he still draws interest. In November 2014, he got a marriage license with a 26 year old woman who calls herself Star. She moved to California to be near him when she was 19, much like the women murderers who followed him to Hell in 1969. Although still in prison, having never received parole, he is a living legend. He is arguably the most famous serial killer that wasn’t in the history of the world.