The Assassination of The Christ

Prompt Day #278: Write the final scene in a book about Armageddon.

Listen, I’m going to be straight up with you. I really believe that if there was a God, he would be so disgusted with us right now. And if he sent his son today, the boy probably would be assassinated. So, that’s the theory I’m going with as the beginning of the end of the world. God gave us another chance and we blew it. If you consider yourself a Christian conservative, you are not going to like this one. Sorry.


The Assassination of The Christ


The president elect had fallen. The killer stood proud amidst the band of protesters. Signs waved, painted angrily with proclamations of the many things that God hated. God hated fags, and he hated abortionists, he hated welfare recipients and non-Americans but mostly, he hated the idea of a president who had the audacity to reach out to those groups and show his support to them. No. That could not be.

Blood spread out beneath the Lamb of God, mingling with the rising waters of the Atlantic encroaching on the capitol. There would be no more chances for the remaining few left alive after the virulent measles and polio strains wiped out most of the country’s population. And I heard a thunderous noise, looking up I saw the first of four beasts seated on a white steed. He spoke to the people saying “Come and see.” And we looked as he rode out among us and the dead rose up behind him. Those covered in pox, rashes, and the polio cripples. The rider was pestilence. He held in his outstretched hands a syringe and the protesters turned away from his cure.

The body of the fallen leader began to bleed from two wounds in his palms. And then we saw another horse, this one red. The beast on his back carried an AK-47 and a confederate flag. He spoke saying to the protestors, “Come and see.” And they followed him. He rode off spilling hatred and intolerance. The walls came down and there was no more peace.

And the body bled from yet a third wound, this time a crown of blood weeped from his head. And there appeared on the roof of the Senate a beast with one hundred heads. It sat upon a black horse. “Come and See” it called out to the masses. In its hand it held a scale and high on the left sat wages and low on the right sat cost of living. And the beast added weights to cost of living. All the vegetation turned brown and the cattle died. And those who worked the soil starved and the beast grew fat.

Wounds opened on the feet of the president and from out of the warm ocean waters came a fourth horse, pale as a corpse with a rider cloaked in night. He held in his hands a fiery globe and said “Come and see”. And behind him rose the waters of the seas, warmed with radiation of the sun. He rode out and brought the water blanketing all that were left in the boiling waters. As the Earth fell to ruin, the body of Christ, having once more fallen at the hands of the very humanity he was sent to save, ascended alone.