CARdiac Arrest

Prompt Day #281: Describe a heart attack in first person viewpoint…one that occurs while the character is driving.

How exactly does one describe a heart attack in the first person? Either the character survives and can write about it later, but the fact that they also happen to be driving at the time of the heart attack certainly decreases their chances of survival. So in what instance would there be any first person record of a heart attack? I guess I focused more on that…coming up with a situation where you might have a first person account of a heart attack and how that may have come about all of a sudden while driving. If you want a list of symptoms of a heart attack, you can google it. To me, the craft is in building the character and background info.

CARdiac Arrest


“Siri, take dictation. Dear Mr. Beauchamp, This letter shall serve as your third and final warning. As both First Councilman and your neighbor, I feel it is imperative to remind you of the ramifications of your continued…God Damnit, you asshole, anybody know how to use a blinker in this town? Siri, strike that last part starting at God Damnit. Read me back the sentence prior to that….Ok, restart dictation… of your continued reluctance to clean the trash out of your yard. Your home and property is an eyesore and it is affecting the market value of the homes on your street. You have one week from receipt of this letter to have all trash removed and maintenance performed on your lawn or else the town will have no choice but to…to…ah..pause dictation Siri. Yeah, I’d like to get a Bacon Double Whopper with cheese, a large onion ring and a large chocolate shake. Yep, oh sure, throw in a Hershey’s pie…..Here ya go. And thank you very much….ok, Siri, restart dictation will have no choice but to take possession of your property. And let me add that as your neighbor, I will be filing a lawsuit against you to recuperate losses in the market value of our homes. Signed, Councilman Edwards. End dictation. Well, shit, that’s gonna leave a grease stain, goddamn mess.”

“Incoming call. Unknown Caller”

“Hello, this is Councilman Edwards”

Councilman Edwards, I’m honored to have the opportunity to speak to such an upstanding member of the community.”

“Who is this?”

“Your worst nightmare, I’m afraid. I’m calling to get your statement on some inside information about to be released to the local newspaper. Information about the money you have been embezzling from the town’s disaster relief fund as well as your own business. If you would like to keep this information between the two of us, you will deposit 50,000 dollars into the following account.”

“Now, just you wait a minute. I don’t cave to threats based on lies. Secondly, I’m driving so I can’t write any of this down anyways. Now, why don’t you just give me your name and number and I’ll call you back as soon as I get to my office.”

“You and I both know, I speak the truth. There is videotaped evidence of you and your accomplice in multiple compromising positions. She has already been contacted and of course has already participated in an undercover recording of a conversation between the two of you where you confessed to everything. That tape is currently in my possession. It can be purchased for another 50,000 dollars.”

“What the hell? 100,000? You must not know me as well as you think you do. I own this motherfucking town. I will see you ended. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

“100,000 dollars. You will be contacted tomorrow at three pm. Please be prepared at that time to take down the necessary information.”

“Call ended”

“Goddamnit, Siri! Get that cunt Jenna Murphey on the phone right now.”

Calling Jenna Murphey.”

“Jesus H. Christ, that bitch is gonna be sorry. I’m go…ugh. Uh. What the…shit. Oh, shit. Siri, hang up. Call 9, uh, shit.”

“I’m sorry, can you repeat your request.”

“Fuck, I’m fucking dying here. Shit, goddamn. Call….call…”

“How may I assist you, Councilman?”

“I’m having a heart attack. Call 911.”

“Calling 911. If you are experiencing chest pain, please consider pulling the car over for your safety.”

“Just call 911, I don’t need your…goddamnit. Fucking hurts. I can’t breathe.”

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Arrgghh. Heart….attack…”

“Sir, Can you give me your address?”

“In car….can’t breathe. Trying to drive.”

“Sir, pull over.”

“Can’t. Jenna, Jenna dead.”

“Sir, are you or your wife having a heart attack? May I speak to Jenna?”

“Aarrgghh. Lying bitch. Needs to die. Jesus Christ….”

“Sir, pull over, so that we can determine your location. Sir?….Oh…Oh no. I, uh….Sir?…..Oh my god, I think he just crashed the car….Sir?”