Prompt Day #287: Craft a crazy disclaimer, warning sticker or list of side effects for an imaginary medical product.


Electroconvulsive Therapy at Home System


Tired of multiple trips to the psychiatrist? Have you tried every antidepressant available with no improvement? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just zap yourself happy? Now you can do just that with the ECTH System. The ECTH System requires a prescription from your physician and a scheduled fitting at your local medical supply company. Your customized cap with electrodes will be built to your head measurements and your generator setting preset to the prescribed wattage.

You don’t have to live in sadness anymore. Shock yourself back to life with the ECTH Home Electroconvulsive Therapy! Talk to your doctor today!

Side Effects may include: Urinary incontinence, stuttering, unprovoked orgasms, hair loss, change in hair color, nocturnal emissions, scalp trauma, double vision, spontaneous human combustion, seizures, muscle pain, facial tics, Tourette’s syndrome, flatulence, headaches, hearing loss, an erection lasting longer than four hours, spontaneous nipple discharge, A decrease or increased in libido, worsening depression, mania, split personality disorder, personality changes, irritability, rash, and in rare instances, death.