Oh The Things We Will Do

Prompt Day #294: Dramatize an electroshock therapy session in second person, future tense (“you will frizzle…”)

As soon as I read this prompt, I know it was going to be a poem paying homage to the great Dr. Seuss. I mean second person, future tense? It was begging for a Seuss style treatment. I did however, ask my daughter, Cheyenne if she had any ideas on how it could go and she sent a few lines that were better Seuss than anything I could do. So when you get to the best part, that’s her. Thanks, Chey.


Oh The Things We Will Do


Diagnosis: Depression. You’re well on your way

To Electroshock therapy; your treatment’s today!

You have brains in your head that just need a boost

We can fix your sad feelings with a few joules of juice


You’re safe with us, we know what to do

Just sit back and relax. Here, bite on this shoe

You’ll shake and you’ll shudder, you might even pee

But focus instead, on how happy you’ll be!

Now, when things start to happen, and I promise they will

Try not to panic, lie perfectly still

Let the shockwaves flow through you, let them wash away

All the sad, ugly feelings you’re feeling today

Oh the things you will hear and the things you will feel

Like your head is attached to an electric eel

We’ll buzz you with energy from ear to an ear

It’s all scientific, there’s nothing to fear!

It soon will be over, your treatment all done

You’ll rejoice in knowing you’ve completed round one

You’ll feel a bit woozy with marks on your head

But also, you’ll notice, you feel better than dead

So, let’s get this started, you’re well on your way

To a happy tomorrow, a Sun-shiny new day!