Surgical Puppet Theater

Prompt Day #295: Write a short-short with the title “Surgical Puppet Theater.”

Look, I know this is silly, but that’s the prompt. Plus, it works out ok because I got home late and I am on call. We should be back on track with an actual story tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Surgical Puppet Theater


Scene: OR, A woman is about to undergo a cesarean section. She has been prepped and draped. The blue sterile drape comes up like a wall in front of her. She is nervous. This is her first baby and she had been planning to delivery vaginally but recently found out the baby is breech. She awaits the surgeon. Suddenly a “sock-puppet” appears above the blue wall. The puppet is made out of a blue shoe cover, its eyes drawn on with a skin marker.

Sock-Puppet: Hello! I’m Dr. Handy, at your Cervix!

Another puppet appears, this one is a blown up surgical glove with eyes drawn on.

Balloon-Puppet: You can’t say that! You’re not going anywhere near her cervix.

Sock-Puppet: Oh Yeah, That’s right. I mean. Knock-Knock…Womb Service!

Balloon-Puppet: That’s better. Now I’m Dr. Handy’s assistant, Shakey. We’re just here to help you relax while we get your baby out with this very sharp knife. There’s nothing to fear.

Patient: I’m not really comfortable with this. Can we just have the Doctor come in now?

Anesthesia (whispering): Ah, that is the doctor doing the puppet show for you. That’s, uh, how she warms up her hands. It’s probably best if you let her finish. She’s almost done.

Sock-Puppet: I already told you, I am the doctor. Now get ready to see your baby!! (The puppet holds up a scalpel and makes the Psycho stabbing scene sound) Reee-Reee-Reee

Balloon-Puppet: (Starts beating the other puppet with a retractor) Stop that! You’re scaring the patient.

Sock-Puppet: (Pops the Balloon-Puppet with a scalpel) Enough out of you! I’m the doctor. I’ll get the baby out without your help.

Patient: Ok. I think I’m done here. I need to get out of here. Can you reverse my spinal please?

Anesthesia: Oh, no. We can’t do that. It’s fine. Once Dr. Handy kills off Shakey, it’s pretty much over. The doctor will make her incision any second now.

Patient: I don’t want her cutting on me. This is insane!

Doctor: (Holds newborn baby up over the drape) Surprise! Here’s the newest puppet in our Surgical Puppet Theater! It’s a girl!