Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Prompt Day #304: Ever heard the expression, “Let your freak flag fly”? Write a story of a poem about a freak nation and its hallowed flag. (Option: try drawing or describing the iconography of the flag before you begin).

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Come one, come all to this nation of odd

Unique, eclectic, unusual, bawd

All welcome with us, beneath our proud flag

A land full of folks with nothing to brag

Look for a banner depicting a geek

Chomping a chicken, feathers and beak

The geek is conjoined to his fully formed twin

Who happens to be a half she and half him

You don’t have to be deformed or covered in tats

Maybe you’re hairy or incredibly fat

Or perhaps you are simply aroused by balloons

Enjoy pornography drawn as cartoons

It doesn’t matter to us what makes you stand out

Judging a person’s not what we’re about

Love whomever or whatever you please

Pound nails in your nose, fill a bathtub with cheese

Whatever you are, whatever you do

If it makes you happy, it’s the best thing for you

Ignore the nay-sayers, tell them good-bye

Come join our crusade, Let your freak flag fly high!