Prompt Day #309: Write a poem that draws language directly from all the song titles from a death metal music album.

This particular exercise was an eye-opening experience. I don’t listen to death metal but I was amused to find such creativity in band names and album titles. It was so hard to choose. Bands like Assuck, Brain Drill, Cattle Decapitation and Goatwhore how could I choose? But I did. I chose the band Death Breath—I figured it rhymed so I was already ensured a good poem (Insert sarcasm) and then when I looked at the tracks on the album “Let it Stink” and saw ‘Giving Head to the Dead’.



Erotic lycanthropy tearing me apart

Devouring my body as a sacrifice

Leaving me maimed and slaughtered

Dead, but walking. I submit myself

To his protoplasmic worship

Giving head to the dead,

My tongue twisted in distaste

A climactic release of the soul.