Civilization V

Prompt Day #314: Steal the title of a computer game at random (“Angry Birds”, “Fallout”, “Civilization V” and use it for the title of a horror/crime/sci-fi story that has nothing whatsoever to do with the game’s premise.

First of all, I don’t play video or computer games but my son does and frequently makes me watch him play, so I know a lot of them and I was worried I would let my knowledge of them into the story. So I picked Civilization V because I have no idea what it is about but it made me think of the game Sims and then I began to think of an I Robot kind of sci-fi story but then it turned more into a bad imitation of I Robot so instead I focused on my Sims, Inc. company and all the possibilities for your Biobot and I wrote an advertisement. I know it isn’t what the prompt asks for entirely but I like it and maybe could elaborate in the future.

Civilization V

Or The Future of Love

Tired of searching for the perfect mate? Have on line dating sites let you down time and again? These days dating is scary and downright dangerous. How well can you ever really know someone as well as you know yourself? Now you can. Sims, Inc. has developed the first Biobot infused with real human DNA…YOUR DNA in fact! When you purchase a Biobot, you are getting a state of the art AI robot built to think and act like you. He or she will be created using your profile to be exactly what you would want in a mate’s looks, personality, and sexual appetite. That’s right, these bots appear and function in completely human ways. You can do all the things with them that you would with a flesh and blood lover—and they won’t think you’re a freak. No more fighting over what movie to see or where to go on vacation. Do you want children? Great! Simply order the reproduction up-grade and your male Biobot will be fitted with cryogenically preserved sperm from donors of your choice. Your female Biobot will be impregnated with an in vitro conceived embryo in its fully functional simulated uterus.

Did you ever wish you had a skill or talent that you couldn’t master or didn’t have time to learn? Search our catalog for available programming that can easily be added to your Biobot without changing the inherent personality compatible with yours.

Do you want your Sim to age along with you or would you prefer the perfect twenty three year old trophy spouse when you are a sixty-something cougar? We can make that happen.

Let’s talk sex for a moment: Maybe you’ve always been a little bi-curious; here at Sims, Inc. we’ve got you covered. You can rent-a-sex for your Biobot. Our BioNerds team will arrive at your home and switch out your bot’s sex parts to the opposite gender for a weekend of fun and most importantly SAFE sexual adventures. Or perhaps you’d like to try a threesome, a foursome or even a full on sex orgy—our BioNerds will bring the party to you. You can rent out Bots for a predetermined time. All rented bots are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after being returned and all the sexual organs are single customer use only. That means your rented bot will have virgin genitals, mouths, and anuses. So no worries there. If you enjoy your Bacchanalia and want to make it a regular thing, you can purchase a subscription to this service (weekly, monthly, half-year and yearly plans available). Have an idea for something we haven’t mentioned? Check out our Adults Only Catalog for every possible fetish program you can dream up! (Including Anime eyes, tentacle appendages, cat’s tongues, Sheep’s ass, car parts, etc)

Would you like your Bot to work, while you stay at home catching up on Game of Thrones? Tell us what kind of education and/or skill set you’d like your Bot to have. There are various degrees and skills available for an additional charge. All Bots come with a basic American High School education, but you can upgrade with bachelors, masters, and doctorates as well as trade skills for an upcharge.

Sims, Inc offers an array of services including counseling for families adjusting to your relationship and for children of simulated humans.