Rain of Terror

Prompt Day #317: Remember the famous climax from The Blob, when the giant globule mobbed a movie theater, chasing people up the aisles and out the doors as it gushed out of every vent and window? Write the chase of a mob from such an ever-growing, all consuming, avaricious and amorphous viewpoint. Bonus points for transferring the “movie theater” scenario to a new location.

I just did a Blob story not too long ago for a prompt about giving a monster truth serum. So, this one felt a little repetitive for me and I struggled not to repeat the same phrases. Instead I focused on getting Arnzen’s “Bonus Points” with finding a different locale. Lol. Enjoy.

Rain of Terror


I began as a joke, a revenge really. An angry teenager frustrated with the embarrassment of losing his job. Instant slime powder poured into the splash pool of an indoor waterpark. An indoor public waterpark where hundreds of bodies leave a hundred different kinds of body fluids and tissues behind. Strands of DNA and disembodied proteins wrapped themselves around the expanding gelatinous goo. In this primordial soup I grew, I became.

In the darkness, I sunk to the bottom of the pool, spreading myself out so thin I became transparent. I was the spider and the web. The water lay above me smooth and quiet, it too waited. I sensed the hum of the lights before the vibrations of pumps began to disturb the fluid sitting on me. Beneath me water forced itself out of the pumps and lifted me up to the surface, closer to my prey. As I rose, I congealed.

Soon the sounds of children intermingled with the bubbling water sounded like the ringing of the dinner bell and I pulled myself together and began to feast. The kiddie pool was too easy, no resistance, no fear. The only thing that made it worthwhile was the screams of the parents. I would only have short time to act before the pumps were stopped in the search for the lost toddlers. I squeezed into the intake and allowed myself to spread out through multiple pipes at once. I poured myself into a large bucket that sat precariously above a playhouse filled with giggling babes.

I roiled and writhed within my container, feeling it begin to swing. The rest of my tenacious body was poised to enter the waterslides where I could quickly wrap myself around the floats of bodies and devour them before they reached the end.

But it would be my drop from the bucket down over a myriad of heads that would be my coup de grace. I sloshed as the bucket’s arc widened with the weight of my gelatinous belly. It bubbled in anticipation. A chime rang out, calling them to me. Adults and children alike came laughing and bouncing in anticipation. The bucket tilted, first slow as I slid towards the edge and then my thick weight tipped the container, raining me down on the unsuspecting masses.

At first they squealed in delight but that quickly turned to horror when they tried to retrieve their breath and found my sticky mass coating their faces, blocking any intake of oxygen. My mutated proteins now worked to digest their flesh, I washed over them and broke their bodies down into my mass until they were nothing more than particles within my increasing girth. I filled the space of the park, swallowing the moving targets on the slides, drinking in the slow moving, screaming floaters trapped in the current of the lazy river.

Water was forced out the now broken windows as my mass replaced it in every pipe, pool, and bucket of the place. The heat of the hot tubs only quickened my digestion of those slowed by their own relaxed muscles. I feasted, growing larger and amoebic, until it was my own being that could no longer be contained within the walls of the indoor water park. I oozed out the windows like a Play-Doh Fun Factory and rolled on.