Survival of the Fittest

Prompt Day #318: Pretend that you are an abnormal teenager, taking final exams. Answer the following essay question as brutally graphic as you can. “Explain Darwin’s concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ citing specific examples from the animal kingdom.”


Survival of the Fittest


Darwin was not an atheist. He just understood man’s place in the world differently than the Christians. Darwin understood that man is nothing more than an animal, a creature created to think and act at the base level by instinct.

The thing is, you can make all these commandments about how to behave so that we can walk around on two feet believing we’re better than other animals, but we aren’t. The difference is only in why we do it. We humans are actually more savage than animals. We kill, maim, torture, rape for thrills or because someone else has something we want. Animals do it for survival.

In the animal kingdom, the lion stalks the wildebeest. But he goes for the weakest, the easiest to kill. He doesn’t care if it’s a child wildebeest or an old man one. He doesn’t care if it is sick, wounded or handicapped. He seeks out the one who his muscles and his teeth can overcome. But man, we don’t care who is weaker, we just get a bigger weapon. If we want something bad enough, we go to whatever lengths we have to in order to get it.

“Survival of the one who wants it more”. That’s what it should be called when taking about humans. For instance, say a guy likes this girl, she is perfect in his eyes. It is instinct, isn’t it? If he will go to any extent to get what in his beast brain tells him is the best mate for him. So, he stalks her, and finds she already has a mate. He assesses that mate to determine if he can overwhelm his opponent. If not, then he (as a human) must obtain a weapon. So, now he has his weapon and he stalks the competition until one day, he sees him walking alone and he takes him out. Maybe he comes up behind him and sinks a chef’s knife into the back of his neck, thereby rendering him powerless, then he can take as much time as he wants, if he is lucky enough with his strike, his victim stays alive for long enough that the victor can enjoy his disemboweling. Maybe because it is an alpha male thing, the winner cuts the loser’s genitals off and stuffs them into his mouth or his ass. This sort of thing should then be displayed so that other males know to stay back, there is an alpha in their midst.

Could he have threatened him? Yes, but that is not Darwin’s way. Darwin says it is SURVIVAL of the fittest. Survival. If you let your opponent live, then you haven’t by definition, survived. Now, your survival isn’t really complete if you just kill the opponent and never go back to get what it is you want. So, you stalk again, just like a Lion.

You watch her, get to know her moves, her daily routine. Then, when the time is right, you take her. You do what nature intended and if you think that’s wrong then you should take a good hard look at Darwin’s nature. The strongest male gets the female. And many times, she doesn’t have a choice. Look at the ducks. Male ducks force themselves on the female. They are aggressive and vicious but they do what needs to be done because that is survival of the fittest. That is what Darwin was trying to tell us. We shouldn’t punish those who live by natures laws instead of man’s.

In nature, the female lives on and gives birth to the alpha male’s progeny and if one of the babies is a male, the father may need to kill his child. That is nature’s way. Now, in my mind, it is probably more humane to kill the female before she is even able to give birth so that a man is not made to kill a child. This also allows the man to release his inner animal during the mating ritual. If he damages the female’s reproductive tract it is not going to affect anything, because after that, she will never use it again. If, after he is through with her, he decides to test her reproductive limits with a menagerie of objects of various sizes and shapes, so be it. He is a biologist, no different than Darwin, studying the body’s potential. And what does every good scientist do when they have completed their experiments? They put their research subject down. It is the humane thing to do

Darwin was doing more than trying to explain animal behavior, he was trying to tell us that the feelings we have, the things that we do are natural. It’s part of our drive for survival. Everything we do to each other can be seen in the animal kingdom and in Darwin’s book. Those who aren’t afraid to embrace our instincts should be looked on as evolutionarily advanced. We should no longer live by man’s commandments but instead God’s as interpreted by Darwin, Not the Christians. Only when we understand this, will we, as humans be truly fit to survive.