Conceptulous II

Prompt Day #325: Why does little Johnny have a spigot or trocar or medical tube/bag attached to his body?

Conceptulous Part II


Hi. How are you? Don’t be afraid, it’s not too bad here. My name is Johnny, what’s yours? Wow, you’re head hasn’t expanded much. They probably won’t tap it just yet. Oh yes, they’ll tap it. See? Looks just like a garden spigot, right? Cool, huh? They drain my fluid like every day, sometimes twice a day. Mom says, when they get the fluid low enough, they’ll do a surgery to reduce the size of my head, and then I’ll look more like my brothers and sisters.

So your mom took that special drug too? Yeah, my mom did with me. I’m her only real kid, my brothers are adopted. It’s kind funny though, she seems like she likes them better. I guess that’s because I don’t look much like her or dad at all, but my siblings, adopted or not, look human at least.

No, it doesn’t really hurt much when they drain you unless they drain too much. Oh, it’s called Cerebrospinal Fluid. CSF they always say. It’s clear and kinda yellowish. But know what? C’mere, I’ll tell you a secret….I think they are drinking it. They give me tests every day, and they are so easy, are tests easy for you? Yep, it’s that drug our mom’s took Conceptulous. Although I know I’m losing IQ points with each drain. So far my body is keeping up with making more CSF but at some point the residual Conceptulous will be completely metabolized and I’ll be out of luck. One of the nurses, her name is Jennifer, she gave me a book called Flowers for Algernon. It’s a lot like our story only it’s about a lab rat who gets really smart, then they give the drug to a guy who is mentally challenged, he gets really smart but then…oh, never mind.

So, have you tried telepathy? Really? Ok, just quiet your head and focus, I’m gonna send you something. Ready?……..Anything? No? Huh. Maybe your mom didn’t take as much as mine. Wonder why they decided to bring you here then. I’ve been here since I was three. I’m nine. I’ll introduce you to everyone later at group time. That’s once a day from six to eight pm. Don’t freak out, they’ll all be interested in you because you look fairly normal compared to us. Even your arms and legs are average length. Mine are atrophied, so are most of the others. They’ll probably ask you to lift stuff with them. Wait til you meet Angela, she can lift everything with her mind. It takes a lot longer now that they’ve drained her so much.

Oh, yeah, you can totally tell who is drinking it. And they are drinking it. You wait. We don’t see the doctors much, just the nurses. But once a month, you’ll see them for measurements and testing. Dr. Martin—he’s for sure drinking my fluids. His head has grown immensely in the six years I’ve been here. Dr. Genia, she’s lost all her hair and the other day, when she didn’t see me watching, I watched her pick up a pen with her mind. Sometimes I get mad that they are getting smart by stealing my fluids but sometimes, I just want to be a normal kid too.

So, why don’t you just tell me why you’re here? I know there’s something you aren’t telling me. Is it in your blood? Your guts? Why are you here? You might as well tell me, because I have a secret for you. I’m not some stupid kid. I’ve already developed a way to fake my CSF. I’ve been secreting tubing and needles and whatnot, the next time they drain my fluid and drink it, it’s going to taste different. They may realize it’s urine but I don’t think they’ve ingested quite enough of my CSF to figure it out. So it won’t be long before I can read all your thoughts, even those beyond the wall you’ve put up mentally. So you can tell me now and we can be friends, work together, you know? If you don’t talk, that’s ok, I’ll just start doing my own experiments; take you apart piece by piece until I find your secrets or destroy them. What do you say?