Flat Earth Prophecy

Prompt Day #332: Pen a prophecy that no one will believe

I’m really looking forward to getting back to some short fiction stories. I don’t seem to do as well with ones like this as I do with a general idea I can take off with. But here is a thoroughly ridiculous prophecy that I came up with at 10:30 pm after a long call day.


Flat Earth Prophecy


And so it shall come to pass that the earth will warm. Heated by the blankets of humans and their selfish ways, the sphere will expand as if a hollow ball until, like a tire worn under countless rotations, it pops and leaks out all its carbon dioxide. This new, flattened planet will continue to spin in orbit but now like a Frisbee. The ships will simply float off into the abyss when they reach the edge of the disc. And the planes must turn around before flying out beyond the reach of gravity.

In this new, flattened and gravity concentrated world, the humans will be crushed into tiny dwarves, while the behemoth beasts will maintain enough mass to take over the world. The Bigfoot species will come out of hiding to rule man. The kraken will rise in the ocean pool to reign as Poseidon. The Pterodactyl will once again terrorize the skies.