Don’t Put That in Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where it’s Been

Prompt Day #335: Craft a story around a doctor, dentist, or other health care worker who secretly uses one of the job’s instruments for his or her own unhealthy pleasure.

A few things I need to say about this prompt: 1. If by some strange chance you are following along with the book Instigation: Creative Prompts from the Dark Side (which you really should be doing because the book is amazing and has changed my life) you will notice that once again, I have skipped a prompt. This time, I decided to keep going with the numbers in order and just rearrange the actual prompts. I am near the end (only 30 more to go!) and I am planning my last prompt as a grand finale. I have two in mind and one of which should have been today’s. So I skipped it. Sue me. 2. I could have taken the easiest route with this prompt and picked a Gyn instrument, I mean come on, it’s like taking candy from a baby, right? But no. I did this to challenge myself so I picked dental instruments which I personally have always thought of as torture devices. I thought ‘If I can make some of these seem pleasurable, then I truly succeeded with this one’. And lastly 3. This is a perversely erotic story not horror (i.e. what I am saying is that this is pure pornography that many of you will find sick and disturbing). If you don’t like or can’t at least appreciate porn, you should probably stop reading…

Don’t Put That in Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where it’s Been


Dr. O’Donnell had been thinking about it all day. Why he hadn’t thought of it before was beyond him, but now that he had, 5 O’clock couldn’t come soon enough. He was getting hard just thinking about it. He knew it was perverted and he should really be ashamed of himself for even humoring the idea but now that it was in his head, he knew he was going to follow through with it.

His office staff followed the last of the patients out the door. The office lights went out and the silence stroked his cock until it began to seep. He had two hours before the cleaning crew showed up and he didn’t want to waste any time. He dragged one of his saliva ejector machines into the next exam room and set it up on the other side of the exam chair so there were now two, one on each side.

He pulled fresh paper down the chair and stripped naked. The taboo of just this act itself had him throbbing. He was naked, and hard in his office. His professional office, where he took care of people in vulnerable positions all day long. His chest was heaving with sheer lust. He sat down and adjusted the chair. Affixing the saliva ejectors to his nipples, he turned on both. He laid his head back and closed his eyes. The suction was strong and pulled his nipples almost painfully. The dichotomous sensations flew like butterflies inside his lower stomach, tickling the inside of his pelvis.

He felt his penis drooling, so he knew it was ready for the next piece of equipment. The mirror on its long, thin metal handle slid down into his urethra with ease. The heat of his body’s excretions fogged the reflection so that he couldn’t make out anything familiar within the round frame. Slowly, he pulled it in and out of his shaft. With each tug, his cock lunged after it as if it had a mind of its own, begging for him to let it slide back down.

His nipples were burning now, firm and taught inside the tubular vacuums. Pain, he was discovering, turned him on in a primitive, animalistic way. He felt mad with desire. This was better than any sex he had ever had with a woman. He glanced about the exam room, mind frenzied with pornographic creativity. The tooth polish sat on the Mayo stand with the other instruments and without thinking, he grabbed it and squeezed a large glob onto his balls. He massaged it in, gently at first but as his salacity overtook him, he began grinding it into him. Wearing away the skin of his balls like river rock. It was all completely out of his control now. His hips undulated in rhythm with his left hand still working the dental mirror. Finally, he could take it no longer. He pulled the mirror out and finished the job, coming in huge bursts into the spit sink. He watched in delicious surprise as load after load pumped into the tiny bowl. After four to five good wads had been spilt, his cock continued to dry-heave for a bit. He fell back into the chair, completely spent.

It was clear he would not be able to pull the spit ejectors off without first turning the machine off. His nipples had thinned and elongated like noodles, and had let themselves be pulled into the tube much further than he ever would have imagined possible. When the machines were off and they were gently (the after pains were not as pleasant, he noted) removed from his chest, he was shocked at the pert purple caterpillars jutting out from either side where normal male nipples had once been. The feel of his shirt rubbing them would be a reminder of his salacious onanism for a couple days.

He washed up in the spit sink and was sure to rinse all the semen down the drain. He threw the tips of the spit ejectors away and put the first machine back where it had come from. He had everything cleaned and back in order with an hour to spare before the cleaning ladies showed up at seven. The only thing left was the mirror. It would need to be autoclaved.

He had washed it of his pre-cum but it would still need to be autoclaved….wouldn’t it? Well shouldn’t it? Obviously, there was no question it should be but at the same time, he knew he was clean and wouldn’t it be a bit of a sexy game to leave it the way it is? So that tomorrow, when he put it inside someone’s mouth, it would, in a sense, be like putting his own dick in there? And wouldn’t that be kind of hot? Wouldn’t that be a little tease to get him through the day? After all, he had a lot of instruments he hadn’t tried out yet. There were going to be a lot of late nights at the office ahead.