Blowing a Kiss

Prompt Day #338: Personify a bomb as it blasts in present tense.


Blowing a Kiss

                I have lived a long life up until now but as it flashes before me, it is nothing. No purpose, no reason for existence. I was and that is all.

I know the end is near and yet for once I am truly alive. I feel things; the air rushes past me, cooling and fresh. The speed of my fall is exhilarating. I am ALIVE!

Soon it will be over and again there will be nothing, but this time, I too will be nothing.

So why do I continue rush to my volatile end? Because it is the only way to truly live.

I wonder will there be pain? Will I be there at the final moment to gradually swim into the darkness or will it be sudden?

As the end approaches, my velocity seems to increase. Oh but the fall has been worth the sudden end.

I see the earth now, so close. There is heat swelling in my guts, vibrations shake my soul, knocking it loose from its frame.

In seconds it will be over, I can smell the dirt. The heat is no longer something I feel, it is what I have become. There is no light to run towards, I am the light. I will not leave unnoticed. I grab the ground and I rattle it. With a thunderous voice I cry out “I am, I was” and in a whisper, I blow a kiss goodbye.