Fear Sweetens the Blood

Prompt Day #340: Create a sick mantra. Whisper it to yourself a few times. Then start writing: make it recur as the opening line of a six paragraph story.

I may have misread this prompt in that I truly made it recur as the opening line in every paragraph of the six paragraph story. But know what? I like it anyhow.


Fear Sweetens the Blood

Fear sweetens the blood. Nicolai been told that from the time he was made. Torment them, play with them and then bite. It was easy to do with animals, rabbits were the easiest to scare and in his opinion tasted the best. So maybe that just proved the adage. But with humans, it was different. He didn’t want to be a monster. He’d never asked for that.

“Fear sweetens the blood” the voice echoed in his memory even now. If his heart was still beating, it would be pounding right now. He remembered the feeling as those teeth sunk deep into his neck like 8 gauge IV needles: cotton mouthed, sour throat, his heart throwing itself against his rib cage. He’d come to the old man asking for it, he wanted it and the conversation had been cordial enough up to the point of action. That’s when things got terrifying and Nicolai ran.

“Fear sweetens the blood” the old man called out in ecstasy as he drank his fill of Nicolai. He said it again over and over as Nicolai grew into the creature he was now. Every lesson had a moral and it was that you must frighten your victim. A vampyre was not the romantic, seductive leading man that Hollywood would have you believe. “We are monsters and we live at the top of the food chain. And we prepare our food the same way humans do, for taste.”

Fear sweetens the blood. Fear sweetens the blood. Fear sweetens the blood. He repeated it like a mantra in his head every time he went hunting, but every time he ended up on the ground sucking some wretched animal dry. He was still too human, with his foolish human dreams of being one of those vampires that sparkle in the light and all the girls dreamed of being ravished by. He couldn’t bring himself to be the bad guy.

Fear sweetens the blood. The first thing that went through his head when he saw her. Could there be such a thing as love at first sight between a predator and his prey? Oh but he wanted her; mind, body, soul but never blood. Never. He loved her and therefore could never taste her. Lily was white innocence; pure and sweet enough without causing her to fear him. They spent the nights together sometimes talking, sometimes he would read to her while she bathed, and sometimes he would simply hold her as she slept. But as the days wore on, and the memories of his humanity faded, the mantra returned.

Fear sweetens the blood. It was time, he could no longer deny his nature. Her blood sang a siren’s song to him as it ran the lazy river of her vasculature. He wanted it, warm and sugared running down his throat. He made her dinner and lit candles. He invited her over and as she ate, he revealed to her more and more of his true self. He could hear her heart rate quicken with each change, felt her stiffen, and watched her eyes flicker to the door. But he was fast, much faster than she. He had her by the throat, feet dangling inches above the floor. Nicolai bared his fangs and Lily cried. Begging for her life, the heat radiated her spicy sweetness into the space between them. Cinnamon and nutmeg. She was sugar and spice and everything nice and then, Lily was gone. With her went the last trace of Nicolai’s soul.