The Pot and The Black Kettle

Prompt Day #345: Why is the girl applying mascara to a corpse?

I just want to point out (although I should hope it is obvious by the title) that there is no one in this story who is the “good guy” except maybe the poor girl who made a mistake. I am not condoning any of this even if I do think assholes like Trevor deserve the worst possible fate.

The Pot and The Black Kettle


“Oh my God, Jess, is she dead?” Maggie stood staring at the girl who had shown up at the party looking scared and out of her element.

“Shit, I don’t know. She’s covered in puke, I’m not touching her.” Jess answered. Both of them could see though, the bluish tint to the skin beneath the puke. Her throat bulged out as if some deranged dentist went a little crazy with the cotton strips. They both knew she was dead.

“I don’t even know her name. I think she was a pledge. Someone should have been watching her.” Maggie mumbled.

“It’s such a common freshman mistake, now our sorority is going to suffer for it.”

“That’s nice, Jess, real nice. What about this poor girl?” Maggie said, but deep down, she was thinking the same thing. She didn’t know this girl. This goddamn, stupid girl who couldn’t hold her liquor had no business showing up and fucking it up for everyone.

“This poor girl just ruined the rest of our college years; probably shut down our sorority for good. So sorry if I don’t feel bad right now.” Jess put her hands on her hips and glared at the dead girl. Maggie stared at the girl too. She had no more words. One of them would have to call the police soon and the other should probably break up the party, get all the booze cleaned up and the drunk underage girls out before the cops did show.

Jess suddenly straightened. “I have a crazy idea.” She had an evil grin on her face. Maggie should never have entertained anything that came out of her mouth after that grin, but the moment was so surreal, she was still hoping for some way to undo it.

“Let’s clean her up and do the whole ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ thing. We take her over to Omega Tau and leave her somewhere for Trevor to find her once he’s good and drunk.” She looked at Maggie with one eyebrow cocked.

“And the point of this would be?” Maggie asked? She had no desire to step foot in that place again. Trevor Mathers preyed on drunk girls, had his way with them, took lots of pics and then blackmailed them with it. Say anything and your pics will go viral. Maggie knew this firsthand.

“My point is, once Trevor sinks his dick into a cold, hard, dead pussy, he might think twice about ever doing it to someone else. Plus, the death is on Omega Tau’s record, not ours. And maybe they find Trevor’s DNA on her and we solve two problems in one horrible act.” She smiled again, this time nervously. As if afraid of what Maggie might say. Maggie took a deep breath.

“No one could possibly be drunk enough to want to fuck a blue girl covered in dried puke.” She said toeing the corpse like it was a piece of road kill. It wasn’t a terrible idea. Trevor was often so intoxicated one of his dumbass ‘brothers’ ended up snapping the pics. They were all guilty and deserved this.

“So go get some foundation and mascara, I’ll clean off the puke. We’ll make her pretty again.” Jess said.