EP meets HP

Prompt Day #347: Why have the monsters assembled and what are they outraged about?

I am really loving this homage to The Raven and Lovecraft and I want to finish it but I want to do it properly and I have reached the limits of my endurance after a 30-some hour shift in OB and a couple hours on this poem (counting syllables and mimicking alliterations). I think I’ve reached a good break point, but when I do finish it, I will try to post it.

EP Meets HP


Once upon a winter evening, as I wrote my next-in-series

A novel filled with monsters from the classic, gothic days of yore

While I sat there, swiftly tapping, suddenly there came a flapping

As if leathered wings were smacking, smacking wet with blood and gore

“Tis some fantasy” I shuddered “rising from my morbid core—

It must be that and nothing more.”


How well my writer’s mind remembers dreaming up some man-like horrors

And each anthropomorphic creature was much like the ones before

Anxiously, I feared the vision;–of amorphous devils driven

To congregate amongst the living—giving something to abhor

Of a race of eldritch demons assembled now outside my door

Their very essence I deplored.


And the charnel chill of Charon swooped in like a dusky heron

Felled me—held me with Golgothic terrors never known before

So that now, I stood there staring, too afraid to face the glaring

From the mass beyond me chanting of my ethnocentric lore

Outraged by their poor describing in my ethnocentric lore

They were breaking down the door.


Presently, I gained momentum, as I tried to circumvent them

“Beasts” said I, “or creatures, your presence here, I can’t endure

Your frightening inhumanity, threatens me with such insanity

That I cannot bear a visage so unlike me” I implored.

There was silence—nothing more.