Last Day Drama

Prompt Day #362: Write a lesson plan for the last day of classes in a school for telepaths or psychics….who will be surprised by what’s in store.


Last Day Drama

Objective: To establish a team building exercise that allows the students to succeed without the use of their special abilities. The objective is for students to develop communication skills, creative problem solving, and supportive team-work abilities without the use of extra sensory perception or telepathy.

Instruction: Students will be broken up into groups of four. They will be provided with a minimum instruction. Once in front of the class, they will be given a prompt from Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side by Michael Arnzen. They will be expected to begin immediately. And proceed with their improv routine for a full twenty minutes or until each student has had multiple lines.

Scoring: Each student must speak at least three lines, each student will use their lines to move the plot forward. Grades will be awarded in a pass/fail format.

Summary: The spontaneity of the improv activity and the speed at which the students need to listen and respond will render their special talents useless. This will be a true test of their interpersonal and communication skills. What they will not be told until the end of the activity is that successful completion of the activity is essential to graduation from the program.