Now What?

So, I did the prompts, it changed my life and it was amazing. But that was over a month ago and since then, this blog has been relegated to the back-burner of my life. The Petulant Muse has evolved a couple times already to follow my whims. It started as a collection of humorous (I hope) rants about the daily struggles of being me. I threw in a couple funny short stories too of course. And then came the daily writing challenge of Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side. But that’s overtoo. So now what?

Well, I have started a low residency MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill, Pa and as part of my thesis, started writing a novel which has kept me pretty busy. Writing a novel is hard and kind of like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle without the photo on the box to refer to…And when you have enough done that you can just about guess what the picture is, it changes and you have to actually go back and take pieces out and sometimes start all over. So, yeah, it’s really great.

But it’s weird too because I absolutely love it. I think about it all the time. I wonder what my characters would do in different situations. There are days I want to quit but then I can’t, so much of my brain is devoted to it, I have to see it through. I will see it through and I it will be creepy and thought-provoking and everyone will love it. So, forgive me for this small break I’ve taken. And, while I would love to give you sneak peaks on the novel and whatnot, I can only tell you it’s going to be possibly the greatest horror novel of all time. Stephen King will weep with jealousy.

So, now what? Well, now I start a class on horror readings and for that class, I will be using this blog to post reviews/opinions/rants/etc on the books and movies we are required to read. There will be one a week beginning next week. Feel free to read and comment if you like. Meanwhile, wish me luck as I add one more thing to my juggling routine.




One thought on “Now What?

  1. Kudos! Glad to hear that you’ve entered into the fugue state of a new dark obsession… all the best wishes with the novel, and thank you again for working so steadily on the marathon of prompts. Still a work of greatness. Looking forward to your book reviews here, too! (I think you’re more than qualified to do one on amazon for Instigation, btw!) Long live petulance and your muse.


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