What’s so Funny about a Spell?

*This is not class related. I just needed to get this out. Sorry, if you are in my class and get a notice on this blog.

Trump Binding Spell

Last night, my friend Kim and I participated in the Trump Binding spell that was performed across the country at the stroke of midnight, all in the hopes of stopping the damage the man is doing to this earth and this country. I’m not a witch, nor is my friend. But I am also not a Christian. I just believe in the power of love and peace and the energy of the Earth, our home, and the place to which all our bodies return one day. I believe in the power of a group of open minded individuals who are working together for the same goal especially when that goal is for good things.

That being said, we studied the spell, we arranged all the supplies as instructed and we stayed up late with open hearts and open minds. We both felt the energy inside us as together, we read the words of the spell asking the universe to hear us. When the ritual was complete, we cleaned up and went to bed, both slept well.

This morning, my Mother-in-Law said nonchalantly (and innocently) that “we all had a good laugh about you girls this morning” and it made me a little upset. Why is that? Why is our ritual so funny? I mean, don’t Christians perform rituals? Communion, Baptism, Advent? Aren’t these all a sort of ritual for believers? Jews have theirs as well. Muslims do too. And no one laughs.

Do you laugh when you see a menorah? Do you laugh when you get an invitation to a baptism or a wedding? Do you laugh when you go to confession and are told to do six Hail Mary’s to absolve your sin? Do you believe that your sins are absolved when you’ve chanted with your beads? If not, but you scoff at a binding ritual, you are a hypocrite.

On Facebook, I see prayer requests every day. Your kid has a fever, your friend is having surgery, you have a job interview, even dogs deserve prayers. And people do. They pray for these things and not a single person laughs and says “that’s so cute that you’d pray for someone to get a job.” It’s a given that “the power of prayer” from your “prayer warriors” will work to change the present conditions. We institute prayer chains because the more voices involved in the prayer the more likely it is God will listen and change the plans he had for this person or animal’s path in life? I don’t know, I’m only asking. I mean, if we believe in God and God’s will, then shouldn’t it be “cute” or “funny” if we think one of our “rituals” can change that? Is it sacrilegious? I don’t know.

But this I do know: laughing at someone for believing that putting energy and time into something can maybe change things for the better isn’t funny at all. It’s rude and it’s ignorant. Believing in God or Allah or the energy of the Earth is all equal or should be. And beliefs that are not hurting or affecting anyone should be respected. (And don’t tell me a binding spell on Trump is hurtful, because then I would have to argue that your prayers for someone to get a job is praying that someone else DOESN’T get the job or that praying for someone seriously injured to make it through is praying that someone else misses an opportunity for a life sustaining transplant. Am I right?).

The point is, a binding ritual is no different than a communion ritual or a few Hail Mary’s for forgiveness. If one is silly and ridiculous, they all are. Meanwhile, I will continue to do whatever it takes to live in a better world where we all learn to love and respect each other in the light of our differences.


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  1. Brilliant. Thoughtful and true. And yeah, ALL rituals are a little silly, but if there’s just the*smallest* chance they might work…People are, like Bender in Futurama, 40% “hope” (and 60% cynicism).


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