Murder Machine

Prompt Day #197: The title of your piece is “Murder Machine”

This is last night’s prompt. I was literally working on the last two lines when a baby decided to come into the world. It’s funny, kind of, when you think of the duality of the human mind which at one moment can be constructing a poem about taking lives and in the very next, it’s focused on bringing life into the world.

Anyways, I do not profess to be a poet and this is probably 6th grade level poetry, but there are a few lines that I happen to really like. Funny how one sentence or phrase can be art, even if only in the ears of the artist.


Murder Machine


Please do not build me a murder machine

No mechanized, self-moving, labyrinthine

Apparatus to behead, to torture or slay

And bathe in the blood of a human puree

I want to do that.


Murder is passion, two lovers entwined

Then one leaves the other a soul unconfined

To corporeal prison. Mortality’s end

Of a heart that once beat for the touch from a friend

Love is a monster

Murder is hatred, the end of a dual

Halting a life force; deliciously cruel

When watching him struggle beneath my bare hands

Testing the pressure a windpipe withstands

And then I add more


Murder is instinct; Predator versus prey

A predisposition, a wild display

Gnashing of teeth and flesh opened wide

To survive, the fittest commit homicide

With the utmost savagery

So don’t build a contraption to take over my fun

When it comes down to murder, I’ve not yet begun

To slaughter, to ravage to render the ghost

A frenzy of bloodshed pleasures me most

I am the murder machine


The 365 Day Prompt Challenge: A New and Different Kind of Blog

The muse and I haven’t been keeping up with our blogging lately. Admittedly, we’ve been kinda busy. I made a job change that I hope will ultimately allow me to spend more time with my family but also allow for much more writing time. So, while I have had plenty to rant about as I leave my job, try to sell my home and businesses, and move even further north, none of those rants were very funny. The truth is I never meant to start a humor blog in the first place. It just kind of happened one day. Actually, the blog was started to keep me writing on a daily basis because what I want more than anything else is to be a published writer. No, wait….what I REALLY want to do is be a popular, wealthy published writer. But let’s be realistic here, I have a good job; one I like even, so writing for a living is just being greedy. That being said, I still want to write. But I don’t want the pressure of being funny every day. That isn’t the kind of writing I do.  I like to write fiction; specifically fantasy/horror/sci-fi.

What I would like to do with this blog, then, is to force myself to be creative and write daily. It’s great practice and maybe I’ll get some good feedback from you all too. So, what I will be doing is going through the book Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side by Michael A. Arnzen. Chapter 1 is titled “Prompts: 365 Sick Scenarios”. I propose to go through every one of those prompts and write a piece on that prompt. I can’t promise it will always be a full story, maybe it will just be an opening chapter; maybe it will be a piece of flash fiction or perhaps even a poem. What I hope you will do is read my writing and if you love it or hate it; let me know. If you want more of the story, tell me. I want this blog experiment to be a dialog between you, me and my petulant muse (who has the final say). We might end up writing a novel together; kind of an in-progress Choose Your Own Adventure book. Maybe you’ll hate the whole thing and I will just be sending you a daily dose of spam that you will promptly delete and never think about again. That’s ok too. This exercise is ultimately for me and the muse—we need to work on our relationship. Hey, let’s add this rule to the plan: if you have a prompt idea/picture/quote/etc.—send it my way, I’ll take a break from the book and try your idea. If you write something based on my prompt, send it in, I’ll post that too and share with everyone. Look for my posts in the evening, by 8pm—you can read them before you go to sleep (if they aren’t too creepy!) This could be a lot of fun!

Want to know what kind of stories you’re in for if you choose to go along with this plan? Check out my story on . It’s titled “The Appetite of Sin” and is listed under Writers of the XXI Century on their home page. It won second place in their Long-Short Story Contest. I’ve also won first place recently in a flash fiction contest by Dragon Tree Books, and I made it to the second of three rounds in NYC Midnight’s Short Story Contest. I am currently working on two short stories (one of which will be entered in Freeditorial’s next contest which will be starting soon and ending on Thanksgiving Day) and preparing for NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Contest which starts on July 31. I am also outlining a new fantasy novel about the real life of imaginary friends. I hope you decide to follow along for the next 365 days. Let’s see where my muse takes me!

Joe-la Dowdy

Day#0 of 365 Prompts